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How we work

When you might involve a reward director or remuneration consultant in key decision, we can be there in a range of capacities. In particular, we can inform the decision, enabling the decision makers in your company to reach the correct conclusions having had appropriate advice.

MPW Associates will ensure that you understand the implications of all the options so that your reward challenges are resolved.

The Partners of MPW Associates have experience of reward and related areas across a number of industry sectors (see Adam Phillpot’s,  Don Mackinlay’s and John Nichols brief biographies). This experience gives you access to extensive and inside knowledge of the impact of reward initiatives on real and changing organisations.

Whether you engage us on a retainer, interim or part time contract, use us as a consultant or as project manager, we will work with you by phone, Skype, email and/or face-to-face meetings in the same way that a reward director would be on call for you.

With over 80 years of reward experience in a wide variety of industries at the highest level MPW Associates are “the reward director in your pocket.”

So whether you are an human resources director or CEO without a reward director or a reward director who doesn’t wish to use a major remuneration consultancy, then MPW Associates are a valid option for you.


One of the founding principles of MPW Associates is that we are independent of all accountancy, consulting and employee benefit providers who operate in reward and related fields. We feel this is incredibly important when looking for the right reward solutions for companies which may involve working with or referral to such providers.

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