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What we do

Summarised below are typical reward activities of MPW Associates:

  • Identifying fundamental reward solutions e.g. aligning reward to performance and/or aligning reward with the talent agenda
  • Supporting the implementation of reward projects
  • Supporting HR Directors and CEO’s on complex recruitment
  • Providing practical answers to ad hoc reward issues that benefit from an independent and experienced viewpoint
  • Development of and support on reward communications
  • Development of and management of global mobility programmes
  • Reviewing reward resources, capability and structures (domestic, regional and global)
  • Bespoke salary surveys for market niches not covered by existing survey houses
  • Coaching and mentoring reward and human resource practitioners as part of an agreed professional development programme
  • Reward education and training programmes (development, presentation and facilitation); these can be general or tailored to the company’s own arrangements (or a combination of both) and targeted at reward, human resources or other practitioners
  • Working with academics and academic institutions on MSc and MBA programmes
  • Provision of input to Government on legislative and business initiatives as well as implications to companies. Working with HR professionals and academics as well as legislators. Recent work includes UK holiday pay and the Gender Pay Gap.